Prototype and Archetype

“The road up and the road down are the same thing.” – Heraclitus Do opposites attract (objects)? More exactly, do opposites each wager their malign influence over the object in an attempt to lure it into their sphere of extremity? Or is an opposite merely a fictitious antipodes derived from pushing ‘degree’ to its limit? … More Prototype and Archetype

Remarks on Contrast

“There is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by contrast. Nothing exists in itself.” – Herman Melville Which is the primordial organising principle, the more or the most? Traits are either sublated or summative.1 This paraphrases (perhaps imperfectly) the question of the one and the many. Where myriad iridescent … More Remarks on Contrast

A Community of Monads

I do not tend to vote for my preferred leader, few do. Instead I vote to calibrate the preferences of other voters, based on perceived bias. This is all to say, we vote strategically. Where the self-other relation hits its limit in ordinary empathetic life, lapsing into a mute and non denumerable ‘they’, the individual … More A Community of Monads

Deposing the Demiurge

Being and predication, my early philosophy supposed, are deeply connected (Russell criticised Hegel for conflating the two senses of ‘is’). I’ve varied on this issue and have reached a state of suspicion that the singularity / multiplicity of being may be unresolvable. I also toyed with the idea that each is prototype to the other, … More Deposing the Demiurge

Transcendental Insurance

The mediator (or ‘adjudicator’) of macro and microcosm sits on a bloodied throne; the transcendental insurance policy or immanent-transcendent engine (linked in Deleuze to the libidinal in intensive manifolds). The Austrian economists pushed for evaporating regulatory structures in order for organicity to prevail in financial systems. But is saying that nobody understands something the same as … More Transcendental Insurance

God or Nature

“But when Leibniz is occupied with the monads, God has to be debased  from the high position which pantheism gives him, and twice at least, he is spoken of as one among monads.” –  Bertrand  Russell “It is in your power so to take the word substance that God alone shall be substance, and other … More God or Nature